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What started as two sisters writing about millennial life quickly evolved into one book obsessed sister embracing her true passion: book blogging.


– And Then There Was One –

I know what you’re thinking. What happened to the other sister? Aren’t there supposed to be two of you?

Despite the rumors, no, Jaclyn and I did not have a falling out. There was no argument over creative direction, embezzlement of blog funds or family drama. Here’s what really happened:

It all started with an idea. I want to try blogging as a side income. It looks like it would be easy. **Spoiler alert: It’s not!

But my confidence was low. I’d been a stay-at-home mom for years, and hadn’t ever had a truly serious career. So I turned to my best friend – my younger sister Jaclyn – and basically begged her to join me. As a loyal little sister, she begrudgingly agreed.

Thus was born the lifestyle blog Pingel Sisters that met with moderate success for a new blog. But after a few months, it became clear: our lives were too dull for a lifestyle blog. What people seemed to value most was Rachael’s discerning taste in books.

It was time to face facts. We needed to embrace the book life. (Cue the tagline.)

Quickly another fact became clear. Blogging wasn’t really Jaclyn’s thing. She had her own career ambitions, and it wasn’t really fair to tie her to my dreams.

Thus, we’ve decided that it’s time for the Pingel Sisters to part ways in the blogging realm.

Jaclyn gave me the confidence to begin my blogging career, and I can’t thank her enough for that. But now it’s time to step out on my own.

Which means, Pingel Sisters will be getting a new name and an updated website! Announcement coming soon!

Rachael holding bookstack

– Not Your Typical Book Blog – 

To be honest, when I hear the word “book blog” I immediately think of a typical book blog. Essentially a dedicated reader who writes 500 word essays about the latest book she read. Some people are great at that, but me … not so much.

Just because that’s the way things are usually done, doesn’t mean that’s they way we have to do it. Instead, I decided to go with a different approach.

What will you find here on my not so typical book blog?


Looking for a book to read? I’ll keep your TBR list overflowing with book recommendations. I’ll have a list for every mood – whether you are looking for a book you can’t put down, World War II novels or want to know which bestselling books deserve the hype.


Every month, my book blog will feature a list of exciting new books for you. I comb through bestselling lists as well as recommendations from my favorite book bloggers to keep you on top of all the new book releases.


What should I get a book lover for Christmas? How can I find more time to read? What’s the best way to organize my bookshelves? I want a better way to track my reading. Ah … the struggles of the book lover. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Reading Challenge

Last year, I created my 2019 Reading Challenge just for you. Join thousands of others and have fun reading a book a week in 2019. Too late in the year to start? The 2020 reading challenge is just around the corner.


My blogging journey has taught me so much, and I feel like I can’t hold back. Whether you want to start a blog, get your book blog noticed, or increase your reach on Pinterest, I’ll have all the advice you need.

Rachael's family from the book blog Pingel Sisters

Meet Rachael 

Ever since started this book blog, people often ask me if I studied English or writing in college. Actually, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I still act as a math tutor for the neighborhood kids from time to time. In fact, my math degree has given me computer programming experience and a meticulous eye for detail. All these skills have combined to make me excellent at all the behind-the-scenes aspects of blogging.

I currently live in Utah, married to my favorite person in the entire world – Mark, the engineer. We have four adorable little children ages 8 and under. I love to read in my pajamas, explore the outdoors with my little ones, and scheme up vacations to every inch of the globe.

Favorite book: 1984 by George Orwell

– What Now –

Please, take your time to look around. Here are just a few of my favorite articles:

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– Connect with Me –

Do you have a question or suggestion for me? Visit the Contact Us page for details on how to reach me or work with me. I would love to hear more from you, so connect with me on social media. Thanks for dropping by!

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