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The Best World War II Novels of the Last Decade

One of my favorite ways genres to read is historical fiction. I love being immersed into a different time period and leaving my present-day cares behind. Of all the historical periods, I would have to say that World War II novels are my favorite ones to read.  In the last decade, some great World Ward II novels have been published. I feel like I’ve read them all, though I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

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Great Cookbooks You’ll Use Again and Again

There are some not so great cookbooks you receive over time that spend most of their life on your bookshelf. They have some nice ideas, and you take it out every once in a while to try a new dish. However, once you complete the recipe, you wonder why you ever bothered taking it off the shelf to begin with.

My great cookbooks are rarely on my bookshelf. They are constantly wandering around my dining room table, kitchen counter, and on top of the microwave. I went looking for one to help me write this post and realized it wasn’t even in my house! My husband had lent it to a newlywed couple to help them with dinner ideas. I have found that great cookbooks can be sources of inspiration and should stay within reach.

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Books That Will Make You Cry

I can hear your thoughts. Why would you want to read a book that will make you cry? That seems like a silly thing to do. At least, that’s exactly what my husband said to me.

The thing is, it takes a special kind of book to make you cry.

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Don’t Buy the Hype: Read This Not That

Have you ever read a New York Times bestselling novel and wondered, That was terrible! Who the heck likes this book? And some books aren’t exactly terrible, they’re just … meh. Do you wish someone would tell you to read this not that?

Luckily for you, I’m willing to let you learn from my mistakes. Let me be the trailblazer who reads anything and everything. Take my advice on which hyped books are worth your time and which books to avoid. Because finding time to read is hard enough in our busy lives, don’t waste your precious time on overhyped books.

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30 Books Every Millennial Needs to Read

Jaclyn and I have written about Why Millennials Get a Bad Rap, Why Millennials Need Travel, and Why Millennials Can’t Have it All. So shouldn’t this post be titled “Why Millennials Need to Read”?

Sorry, but I’m not going to go into the various reasons why millennials need to read. I’ve got nothing earth-shattering to add to the standard answers. Instead of saying why you need books in your life, we decided to compile a list of the 30 books millennials need to read.

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