Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

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Old Yeller
Fred Gipson

Genre: Children’s Fiction
Length: 144 pages
Audiobook Length: 3 hours and 30 minutes
First Published: 1942

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Publisher’s Description

When his father sets out on a cattle drive for the summer, fourteen-year-old Travis is left to take care of his family and their farm, and he faces new, unanticipated and often perilous responsibilities in the wilderness of early fronteir Texas. But Travis is not alone. He finds help and comfort in the courage and unwavering love of the stray animal who comes to be his most loyal and very best friend: the big yellow dog Travis calls “Old Yeller.”

An enduring and award-winning American classic, Fred Gipson’s Old Yeller stands as one of the most beloved novels ever produced in this country, and one that will live in the hearts and minds of readers for generations to come.

Quotes from Old Yeller

“You’re getting to be a big boy; and while I’m gone, you’ll be the man of the family.”

“What I mean is, things like that happen. They may seem might cruel and unfair, but that’s how life is a part of the time. But that isn’t the only way life is. A part of the time, it’s mighty good. And a man can’t afford to waste all the good part, worrying about the bad parts. That makes it all bad.”

About Fred Gipson

Fred Gipson is an American author best known for Old Yeller, winner of the Newberry Award. He was grew up in the Hill country of Texas of which Old Yeller is set. He died in 1973.

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