Pinterest Community FAQs – All Your Questions Answered

The new Pinterest Community feature is here, and it’s taking the blogging world by storm. Apparently, it’s the hottest new thing in blogging since Instagram stories. We’re sure you have a million questions, so we’ll do our best to answer all of them.

**Updated: We are so excited to announce that our community, All the Books, was listed as one of the featured communities on Pinterest! How did we manage this? Mostly with a lot of luck, but also with a little skill.

Pinterest has stated that in order to be featured a community needs – a good cover photo, a description (with rules listed) and a sticky post. Also, Pinterest is in search of communities to feature which showcase interaction between members.

How long will our community be featured? We have no idea. Most likely Pinterest will start a rotation of communities to feature. So now’s the time to get your community in order. Read through our FAQs to help you know how to set up your community the right way. **

We heard a rumor about Pinterest communities two days ago, but we didn’t think much of it. Apparently, it was being rolled out slowly and we were not on the invite list. Luckily for us, our amazing friend at Mind Joggle was much more of a VIP and let us in the club.

First impression: It’s all so shiny and new! Just think of all the possibilities. Mostly we are excited to be in on the ground floor (or at least the 2nd story) of a new innovation with our board for book lovers, All the Books.

So what the heck is a Pinterest community and how does it work? Info is extremely sparse right now, so we will do our best to answer all your questions to the best of our abilities. As more information becomes available, we’ll made sure to keep updating this post.

Ready to get started. Let’s dive right into all the nitty gritty details of the new Pinterest community feature.


What is a Pinterest Community?

First off, what the heck is a Pinterest community?

As you know, Pinterest isn’t really considered social media. In reality, it’s a visual search engine. Think about how you use Pinterest. You go on it to search for ideas on a specific topic and then save it into one of your boards. Sometimes you are just there to scroll and find new ideas, but you probably rarely pay attention to who posted that pin. And honestly, when’s the last time you commented on a pin?

That’s all about to change. Pinterest is breaking into the social media market in a big way. With communities, you have a place to start discussions, share pins and make comments.

Why should I care?

As with any new innovation, there is always a way to turn it to your advantage. You just need to figure out how and be an early adopter.

We think Pinterest communities can be the perfect place to connect with your audience. Remember that your audience isn’t bloggers – unless you write about blogging tips, of course. Your true audiences are mother’s, gardeners or book lovers. Create an engaged community around your common interest and you’ll have loyal followers on your blog.

What is a Pinterest community for?

Think of it like a Facebook group for Pinterest. It’s a discussion board for people with a common purpose – like hiking.

What is the difference between Pinterest communities and group boards?

Group boards were supposed to be a place where people good work together and collaborate on ideas. They turned out to be the perfect place for bloggers to link drop and share each others’ links.

With communities, Pinterest is adding a venue for discussion. You are meant to interact with others, not just link drop. Ask questions, share pins or photos and engage with like minded souls.

What are the rules for Pinterest communities?

Pinterest decided to roll out Pinterest communities slowly, and apparently with few guidelines. Right now it’s the wild west out there. Just keep scrolling for our best answers.

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How can I join a Pinterest community?

Access to the Pinterest communities is like a little club. You need to be invited inside. Once you get that invite, you get full access to all the Pinterest community features.

However, the word is out and people are jumping in. All you have to do is find anyone who is in a Pinterest community and ask for an invite. Once you join one community, you can go on to create your own or find more communities to join.

Love to read? Then join my Pinterest community – All the Books.

When can I Create a Pinterest Community?

Once you have the Pinterest community tab, you are in the club, so to speak and can now create your own community. Just be aware that everything is a bit glitchy right now. We were not able to add a Pinterest community on our phone, so we just used a desktop computer. Click the community tab at the top right when you sign into Pinterest and then create a community.

How do I create a Pinterest community?

We already answered this, but we will just repeat. Once you have the Pinterest community tab, you can now create your own community. If your phone doesn’t work, do it on a desktop computer – or vice versa. Click the community tab at the top right when you sign into Pinterest and then create a community.

How many Pinterest communities can I have?

Thus far, no official limit has been given yet. However, some of the early Pinterest community entrants went a little crazy and created 500 communities at a time! Apparently, Pinterest was not happy about that and deleted a ton of accounts. Right now, it looks like the limit is going to be 5 per person.

In our opinion, I would start with a few and then go from there. Do you honestly want to be the moderator of 500 communities. Think about what your goals are and what communities will help you achieve them.

What should I name my community?

Pinterest community names are super important!!

Each community must have a unique name. What does that mean? Once the name Books is taken, no one else can use it. So there can’t be a million communities named Book Club. There is only one.

Have you grasped the significance of this? You need to get in as early as you can and snag the name that you most want. And we’re not talking about the name that goes with your blog. We are talking about those heavily searched keywords. It’s time to apply all those SEO lessons you’ve learned and find the right keyword for your group name.

We suggest avoiding using symbols like &. Our friend at The Uncorked Librarian made that mistake and got tons of errors. It could be temporary. We just don’t know enough right now.

Once the frenzy dies down, feel free to create communities with your brand name. But there is no rush right away. What’s the likelihood that someone else will create a board named Pingel Sisters? Pretty slim.

What do I do after I choose a name?

After you’ve chosen your perfect name, all you have to do is add a description and an image. Descriptions are not optional, so fill it in. Should you SEO optimize your description? Probably, but there is no way to tell if Pinterest will use it in their search feature. We decided to use it as an excellent place to list out our community rules.

What size image should I use?

We have no idea at all. Use a high quality image, and we suggest using an image you actually own – not just a stock photo. The image will appear in all kinds of different sizes. On our phone it’s a nice little average rectangle. On Rachael’s gigantic desktop screen, the image is as wide as the screen and only shows a small sliver of the picture. Hopefully Pinterest will come out with image size guidelines soon.

Pinterest says to use one that is at least 1440 pixels wide. We have not experimented with this yet.

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How do I add people to my Pinterest Community?

Your newly created community will be rather dull with just you. It’s time to add people. In your community, click the symbol of a person with a + sign. For people on Pinterest, type in their name to invite them to the group. There are options to send via Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Email. Will those links work? Probably eventually, but with the heavy traffic, they might not work right now.

Another option is to copy the invite link. After clicking to add someone, click the link symbol. This will copy the invite link to your clipboard. Then just send this invite link out to anyone you want to add. Remember, you need the invite link, NOT the url for the community.

Who should I add to my Pinterest Community?

To start, you need to decided what kind of Pinterest community you want to run? What is it’s purpose? Is it an engagement pod? Is it a place for discussion? Once you know that you can decide who to add.

For example, our Pinterest community is All About Books. We are want to create a place for people to discuss books. Who should we add? Anyone who loves to read.

Be careful falling into the trap of inviting just bloggers to your group. Pinterest group boards are a place for link drops. Pinterest communities are what Pinterest thought group boards would be. Unless your target market is bloggers, we suggest trying your best to add regular people to your Pinterest community.

Will I get a notification when someone joins my community?

Currently, there are no notifications if someone joins or leaves your community. However, you will get a notification if some comments in the community or likes your post. If a group is smaller than 50 people, everyone gets a notification when there is a new comment.

Where can I promote my Pinterest community?

We did read that you are NOT allowed to create a pin for your group and spread it around Pinterest. Maybe eventually, but not now. Because Pinterest has the option to invite your friends from Facebook and Twitter, we assume those are okay. Possibly Instagram. We know email and blog posts are good. Just consider who follows you on social media – regular people or bloggers.

How do I send a link to my community?

We answered this already, but it’s worth repeating. DO NOT give out the url to your Pinterest community. You need to send an invite link. Click the add a person symbol and then copy the link. That is the link to send to people.

What is a sticky note?

Just like on Twitter, you can pin a post to the top of your feed. I guess the world pin was too confusing, so Pinterest decided to call it a sticky note. Basically it’s a post that will remain at the top of the feed for all to see.

What should you but on your sticky note? Anything you really want people to see. Start with rules or a post saying that the rules are in the description. Eventually you can use it to promote a specific discussion – say one promoting your lead magnet.

My link to the Pinterest community page gives an error. What can I do?

Remember, you CAN NOT send just the url of your Pinterest community. You must send an invite link.

Other possibilities. You used a symbol in your name. You managed to offend the Pinterest gods. Or maybe it’s just a glitch. The Pinterest system is a bit overloaded right now.

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How do I add a moderator?

Once people join your group, as the admin you have three options. Leave them alone, make them an admin or ban them. Go to the people list for your Pinterest community and click the three dots. This will give you an option to make them a moderator or to ban them.

How many moderators can I have?

Sorry, we have absolutely no idea.

Can I have a closed Pinterest community?

Right now, all Pinterest communities are open. This could quickly become a problem with spammers. We bet Pinterest will eventually allow closed communities, but for now everything is game.

Also be aware that people do not need an invite to join your Pinterest community. Once someone has access to the community tab, they can join any community they want. If they can find it, that is.

Who can comment in Pinterest communities?

Right now, anyone can comment in Pinterest communities. They don’t actually have to join the community before leaving a discussion. In our opinion, this is a bad idea. We all know what happens when anything goes on the internet. Fingers crossed things don’t get out of hand.

What can I do about spammers?

Right now, your only option is to ban people from your Pinterest community. Hopefully Pinterest rolls out some better protections soon.

Can I delete a post?

You always have the option to delete and edit one of your own posts and edit. If you are a moderator, you can delete any post and ban any poster. If you are in a group, but not the moderator, you can report a post or comment. We have no idea who the post gets reported to – Pinterest or the moderator. With the open format, we are sure we will find out soon.

Do I need to create rules for my community?

YES! Remember, this is the internet. Every Pinterest community needs rule. How do you want this group to run? What kind of topics are up for discussion? How many links are people allowed to leave? Create some rules and enforce them. Build the community that you want.

Can I add my pins to a Pinterest community?

Yes, you can add your pins in your Pinterest community. In your own community, you have free reign. However, in someone else’s community, you can only add them to a comment – when you reply to someone’s post.

This rule is only temporary. Pinterest felt that too many bloggers were using Pinterest communities for self-promoting and stifling conversation. So for now, actually use Pinterest communities to start a discussion.

When you go to add a discussion, you can type a comment, add a pin or add an image/gif. Finding the specific pin you want can be tricky, so one tip is to open the pin first and then select the option to add it to your community. Or use the search feature. Don’t be spammy and don’t let the members of your community spam links. That’s what group boards are for. Your Pinterest community will do best if you let it be a place for discussion. That’s where your community rules come into play.

But, by all means, add pins into your discussion. Throw one out there (someone else’s right now) and start a discussion on it. Hey, check out this awesome post about Which Bestsellers are Worth the Hype. What do you think?   Or you can ask a question and then leave your pin in the first comment. Pins are a great thing to discuss, especially since you are on Pinterest.

Just be aware that Pinterest’s aim with communities is for organic engagement instead of self-promotion. Group boards are for self-promotion, Pinterest communities are for actual interaction.

What kinds of discussions should I have in my Pinterest community?

Every Pinterest community should have a focus. Ask questions and start conversations based on this topic. If you want, you can use your community as an engagement pod, but I wouldn’t. Pinterest says they will penalize communities that are too self-promoting. Instead, think of it as a way to truly get to know your market. A good rule of thumb is 10:1 – meaning 10 engagements to every link you drop.

Updated: Pinterest has put a temporary ban on posting pins from your own domain in someone else’s group board, so leave them in the comments. They want you to be discussing and sharing ideas from other people, not self-promoting.

How can I find Pinterest communities to join?

There is a search option for Pinterest communities, but currently it isn’t working. You could join one of the 21 featured communities, but that doesn’t really give you a lot of options.

Our suggestions, just start asking around Ask on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. You must have some blogging friends with communities. Another way. Stalk your favorite bloggers. On their profile page, click communities and you can see which ones they’ve created and which ones they have joined.

Can I create a pin to invite people to my Pinterest community?

Not currently. We saw this specifically from Pinterest. They want more natural growth and engagement.

Can I send my join link in an email?

Yes! When you go to add a person, either click the email icon or just copy the link and add it into an email. Remember that email list you were told to create when you first started blogging? Now’s the time to use it.

Can I send my join link on Facebook or Twitter?

We assume so. We heard a rumor that you can’t, put when you go to add a person, Facebook and Twitter are options. We are going to until we are told we can’t.


Have any more questions about Pinterest communities? Have you heard something differently? Let us know in the comments!

Have a million questions about the new Pinterest Community feature? Here is everything bloggers need to know about Pinterest communities.

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