Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckhanon

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book cover Speaking of Summer by Kalisha Buckahanon

Speaking of Summer
by Kalisha Buckhanon

Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Length: 304 pages
Audiobook Length: 10 hours and 9 minutes
First Published: 2019

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Publisher’s Description

On a cold December evening, Autumn Spencer’s twin sister, Summer, walks to the roof of their shared Harlem brownstone and is never seen again. The door to the roof is locked, and the snow holds only one set of footprints. Faced with authorities indifferent to another missing Black woman, Autumn must pursue the search for her sister all on her own.

With her friends and neighbors, Autumn pretends to hold up through the crisis. But the loss becomes too great, the mystery too inexplicable, and Autumn starts to unravel, all the while becoming obsessed with the various murders of local women and the men who kill them, thinking their stories and society’s complacency toward them might shed light on what really happened to her sister.

About Kalisha Buckhanon

Kalisha Buckhanon is the author of four novels: Solemn, Conception, Upstate and Speaking of Summer. She runs the blog negression about engaging the arts and culture from the Black female perspective. Visit the author’s website →

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