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Guest Room Must Haves: 15 Essentials for a Comfortable Guest Room

Are you really ready for guests? Even though I frequently have guests visit, I constantly felt like my guest room was never complete. I finally decided to sit down and make myself a complete list of all the guest room must haves I need. To be thorough, I compared my list to others and I noticed my 15 guest room must haves covered all the lists I saw. But to my surprise, almost every list was missing one crucial item. So if you really want to have a comfortable guest room, check our ultimate list of guest room must haves.

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Why Millennials Can’t Have It All (And That’s Okay With Us)

Last summer, I was talking to a female GenX colleague about her experiences entering the job market. At that time, she and other women her age were sold the idea that they could have it all. They could be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect employee, and the perfect hostess, all rolled into one perfect bundle. They could have the gorgeous home, the beautiful car, and a powerful career.

The way she rolled her eyes as she was telling me this made me pause and think, “Are millennial women falling for the same myth?”

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Why Millennials Get a Bad Rap

I’m sure you’ve heard all of the negative adjectives used to describe the every-day millennial: Entitled. Lazy. Spoiled. Narcissistic. Social Media Junkies.

No wonder we get such a bad rap. It makes you curious to know if there is anything positive about being a millennial woman. I’m here to tell you that these negative descriptions you hear on a daily basis are complete misconceptions.

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