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Today, I’m so excited to spice up my Landing Your Dream Job series by partnering with the amazing stationery company Basic Invite. Lately, my focus has been on interviews: interview prep, the phone interview, the Skype Interview and the actual in-person interview. I just wanted to take a moment to discuss a component of interviews that people often overlook: the thank you card. And if you read to the end, I’ve even got a treat for our readers.

For starters, let’s discuss the impact of a thank you card. While we can all agree that you should always send a thank you, there are a multitude of ways to get your message across.

There’s the obvious email, which allows for immediate impact. This option delivers your message with the click of a button, but comes with a downside. Unless your message is exceptionally elegant, the committee won’t remember what you wrote. All they will remember is the fact that you wrote a thank you note.

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Basic Invite stationery - thank you card and business card

Importance of Thank You Card

If you truly want to be remembered, nothing beats a handwritten note. Now, don’t go overboard. You don’t need to send a fancy message or flowery language.

Contrary to many opinions, your goal is not to curry favor or sway the hiring decision. More than anything, you want to come off as genuine. Just reiterate how impressed you were with the organization and express your gratitude for the opportunity you had to interview. It’s never a bad idea to mention specific details from your interview.

The questions I get asked most often is when to send a thank you card. For phone interviews and Skype interviews, decisions are usually made fairly quickly. A quick email would suffice if you want to say thank you. However, if you make it to the final round of interviews, you should always send a physical thank you card.

The hiring committee usually takes more time after an in-person interviews to make their final decision, but you don’t want to wait too long. You should send your thank you card within a day of your in-person interview. Else, you are likely to start forgetting specifics like names. Or you might just forget to send a thank you card at all.

You should send a thank you card to each individual on the hiring committee. Make sure to use the name they used when they introduced themselves to you. If they introduce themselves as Dr. Gregory, then use that. If they say, “Call me, Matt,” then Matt it is. People know what they want to be called, so just take your cue from them.

Also, make sure you don’t just copy the same note to each individual. I always like to customize the first and last sentence of my thank you card, while leaving the body the same.

Remember, you want to show the committee that you can be polite and courteous. You might not get this specific job, but they could ask you back for a different position.

When I first interviewed at my current employer, the hiring committee passed me over for someone with more experience. However, they made sure I was informed when my current job opened up. It never hurts to leave a good impression.

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Basic Invite stationery - thank you card

Introducing Basic Invite

As a fundraiser, I’ve learned that great design guarantees that your message is not only read, but remembered.

In my professional life, I work with a company that produces tens of thousands of solicitations for me. Their in-house designers match my university’s exact color codes and branding styles with ease. They make my marketing materials look clean and professional.

On a personal level, I struggled to find a company that could provide the same quality and attention to detail but on a much smaller scale. I’ve always wanted to brand myself as an individual, but to do so I would have to either purchase large quantities or shell out some serious money. Basic Invite was brought to my attention, and just wait until you can see what they can do.

If you want, you could just buy a thank you card at the drugstore. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Unfortunately, you’ll probably find yourself looking at every card over and over before you finally settle for one that is just okay.

To really kick your game up a notch and leave an impression, create a custom thank you card. You’ve worked hard to create a consistent design with your cover letter and resume. Why not keep it going with the thank you card?

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When do you send a thank you card after an interview? To whom do you send your thank you card? We've got all the answers to your thank you cards questions along with the perfect place to fill all your stationery needs.

True Customization

As I mentioned, finding a company that can provide customization and an affordable price tag has been hard to find. Basic Invite comes closer than any other company out there.

I love that with any of thank you card you chose, Basic Invite allows you to choose the color of almost any element on the card. While I can’t pick the exact hex code as I can with the print vendor I use for work, they have 180 color options that come so close to the shade you need that no one will be the wiser.

Take this thank you card above. Rachael and I worked hard on deciding our brand colors, and I wanted to see if that would translate to a standard thank you card template. I happen to love flowers, and I was pleasantly surprised that I could change every element of the card to match our established brand.

You can even customize the envelope color! As a fundraiser, I can tell you there is nothing more boring than a plain white envelope. To make an amazing first impression, Basic Invite has more than 40 different colors for envelopes.

Personally, I recommend picking one of the secondary colors on your customized thank you card for your envelope color. Plus, all the envelopes are peel and seal, making your life so much easier.

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Basic Invite stationery - thank you card and business card

So Much More

As I was playing around with all of the thank you cards, I noticed the other product suggestions at the bottom of the page. At first I was having too much fun trying out templates and customizing the color scheme. But after a while I began to notice that each product suggestion had the same design I was working on.

All of a sudden, the lightbulb came on. Not only could Basic Invite match my brand colors, they could carry the design through to all of my paper needs. Business cards, stationery, and thank you cards could all coordinate perfectly with little to no effort!

I couldn’t resist and decided to make a few items to match our blog branding. I was pleased to see how the design carried through the other pieces without duplicating the exact same image in the same way.

Just think of the possibilities. You can easily use this with a wedding or a graduation thank you card. Speaking of weddings and graduation, I was having so much fun I decided to order a few samples of each.


Basic Invite stationery - graduation announcement

Ready for Graduation

To be honest, I had so much fun designing thank you cards that I got a bit carried away. I ended up designing graduation invitations as well. My husband is finishing up his PhD. I’m so proud of how hard he has worked to get to this point.

It’s been a long 5 years, so I definitely want to celebrate his accomplishments. I know when you think of graduation announcements or college graduation party invitations you generally think of high school students or undergraduates. But we have way more reason to celebrate with the conclusion of his PhD!

On the front of the announcement, I was able to match the traditional black and gold colors associated with Wake Forest and followed their design fairly closely. Admittedly, it felt very similar to what I might see on another site.

Then I got to the back of the announcement. You see, other companies focus on designing the front. Basic Invite goes above and beyond and provides creative design for the back.

Right away, I fell in love with the timeline format on the one I choose. I could do more than share the date of graduation. I could show the steps my husband took over the past five years to get to this incredible accomplishment.


Basic Invite stationery - wedding invitation

Beautiful and Functional

I couldn’t resist. I just had to design my perfect wedding invitation with this invitation I sent to my beautiful older sister. For my wedding years ago, my husband addressed almost every invitation by hand – well over two hundred! He’s so sweet, and he did it to take a load off of my shoulders. We also spent hours stuffing all of those hand addressed envelopes.

Those days have come and gone thanks to companies like Basic Invite. When I saw the wedding invitations in a self-mailer format, I HAD to try it out! A self mailer is a mailing that folds into itself and provides beautiful design on every side of the piece. I have never seen a wedding invitation in a self mailer format, and I love everything about it.

The cut is unique and beautiful. It folds into itself perfectly and provides a response card with a classic perforated tear off. Basically, it does everything a great mailing should.

The cherry on top? You can upload all of your invitation addresses and they will print them for you. Imagine the hours it would have saved my husband all those years ago! You might not need wedding invitations anytime soon, but think how useful this would be on Christmas cards.


Basic Invite stationery - thank you cards

A Discount For You

I’ve had a great time partnering with Basic Invite. And they were even kind enough to offer all our readers a discount on any of their products. Right now, you can use the coupon code 15FF51 to get 15% off your next order.

Rachael and I hope you take a minute to check out their amazing products. We truly have been impressed. Feel free to follow them on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

Special thanks to Basic Invite for being a sponsor of the Pingel Sisters! Although we were compensated for this article, all opinions are our own.


Interview tip: Don't forget to send a custom thank you card after a job interview. We have the perfect career advice for post interview thank you cards and the best place to get custom stationery.

Interview tip: Don't forget to send a custom thank you card after a job interview. We have the perfect career advice for post interview thank you cards and the best place to get custom stationery.
Interview tip: Don't forget to send a custom thank you card after a job interview. We have the perfect career advice for post interview thank you cards and the best place to get custom stationery.
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