January 2019 Book Club Discussion Questions: The Forgotten Garden By Kate Morton

It’s almost time to review our January book club pick! Find out The Forgotten Garden discussion questions we will be exploring and when the fun begins.

Welcome to our first ever Pingel Sisters book club discussion!!! Can you tell we are excited? Or should we add another exclamation point?

Hopefully, you are enjoying reading our January book club pick. I finished it last week and am so glad we picked it. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have finished the book yet!

Today, we are just giving you a look at our The Forgotten Garden discussion questions. Feel free to print the discussion questions out so you can refer to them as you read. We promise there aren’t any spoilers.

Our book club will open for comment on January 24th. And the beauty of an online book club is that it doesn’t matter if you are free that today. Come back anytime the last week o f the month to add your input to our book club discussion questions.

Also, no need to dress up, or even get dressed, to join the conversation. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing.

Hope to see you back here in 2 weeks!

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January 2019 Book Club Pick

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

The Forgotten Garden
by Kate Morton

Still reeling from the death of her beloved grandmother Nell, Cassandra is startled by an unexpected request her grandmother left her. Now Cassandra must rethink everything she thought she knew about her family history and piece together the truth of an abandoned girl, a book of fairy tales, and a forgotten garden. While she unlocks the mystery of her grandmother’s heritage, can she find herself in the process? Read more →


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Mid-month (Jan 10th) – Partway through the month, usually around the 10th, we will post the monthly discussion questions to help you focus your reading. To give everyone a chance to read the book, this post will not open for comments until the end of the month.

Last week of the month (Jan 24th) – Let the discussion begin. Near the end of the month, we will update the discussion questions with our thoughts and open the comments for your opinions. That gives you the last week of the month to come back and join the discussion. Though the comments will remain open longer, in case you need more time.

Discussion Rules

Let’s lay down some ground rule for our book club.

  1. You are not required to like the book.
  2. Keep it civil. Don’t attack other people’s opinions. We want discussion, not a shouting match.
  3. No profanity. Let’s keep it clean and family friendly.
  4. Engage with the other comments. We want to build a community of readers.
  5. Have fun!

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The Forgotten Garden Discussion Questions

1. Did you like The Forgotten Garden? Why or Why not. Please be specific about what made you like it or dislike it.

2. The story jumps between 3 time periods – Eliza and Rose in the early 1900s, Nell’s trip to England in 1975 and Cassandra in 2005. How did you feel about the intertwining of the three lines? Did you feel they balanced well? Was one better written than the others?

3. Could you see Eliza and Rose realistically acting the way they did? Was it believable that a husband like Nathaniel would actually go along with their plan?

4. One of the themes of the book is the sense of identity we derive from our family. Every character in some way lost that sense of their identity at some point in the novel. What other themes and motifs did you notice in the book?

5. In the story, Nell almost completely shuts out her family when she finds out she was adopted. Her whole personality seems to shift. Do you feel this shift was necessary to the story and did it seem authentic or overly dramatic?

6. Our theme this year is to Read With Intention. What is something you got out of this book?

7. It must be extremely difficult to write a book of more than 500 pages? Do you feel the length was justified, or do you think she could have shortened the story without losing any of the substance?

8. How did The Forgotten Garden compare to other books by Kate Morton? Would you be willing to try another of her books?

9. What’s another book you recommend to your fellow book club members after reading this book? Something with a similar genre, style, themes or plot.

10. Research Question: What would you like to get most of this book club?

View The Forgotten Garden Discussion Questions as a PDF

Discussion begins on January 24th! We’re so excited to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Book Club Discussion Questions: The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton // Join the book Club! Come read along with the Pingel Sisters as we read The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

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